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In 2011 Tuna BAYIK entered the drone industry, by registered its professionalism with various national and international certificates and founded FlycamTeam in 2014 with Hayra Alamet Media partnership. With Murat GÜRMAN, FlycamTeam partner, they established a professional team and have signed a variety of projects such as documentaries, series, commercials and especially TV travel programs. They are in cooperation with quite extensive range of sectors like media, construction, tourism and public institutions.

With the amateur spirit, whatever the conditions are, professional team meets all kind of shooting demands. They enjoy bringing together employers dream and enourmous pleasure of viewing the air to reality and move it to the screen. Shootings are being performed by a minimum three-person team, including cinematographer and camera operator, in the time range and weather conditions that the helicopter pilot deemed appropriate, also in agreement with the employer.

The core staff team is comprised of, Founder and Helicopter Pilot Tuna BAYIK, Producer and Fiction responsible Murat GÜRMAN, Air Cameraman and Director Yalçın ZENGER.

The team aims to respond to the demands at the maximum level, and succed it making difference in obtaining legal permissions for the use of the gravitational fileds through their drone license.